6 new SPC are planned to be created in the Almaty region
Modern agricultural machinery helps to increase the area of sowing
“Social shelves” opened in Taldykorgan stores
By implementing projects, we create new jobs-the basis of socio-economic development
Implementation of the project “From the field to the counter” in the Almaty region
Implementation of projects of SEC "Zhetisu" in the field of public-private partnership
SPC help to get a high yield
SEC "Zhetisu" plays an important role in the life of the region, has an impact on the economic and social development of the Almaty region

SEC «Zhetisu» — Regional Development Institute of Almaty region

We invest in innovative, manufacturing, manufacturing enterprises, as well as finance venture startups. SEC "Zhetisu" was created on the basis of PPP, the only shareholder is the Akimat of the Almaty region.

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